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Why shop local? Calling all residents to #ShopLocalHighLevel

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Why Shop Local?

Calling All Residents to #ShopLocalHighLevel

To shop local is to care about your community. Not only do you benefit, but you ensure that all your neighbours do as well. You can support your local economy through your buying habits which will help local entrepreneurs, crafters, and the community as a whole.

Stronger Economy. Local businesses provide employment opportunities to those in our region. They increase the value of real estate and contribute to the municipal tax base which is reinvested back in the community.

Creative and Unique Entrepreneurship. Investing in local businesses grows local talent. It creates a vibrant, dynamic work base, encourages youth and transient workers to put down roots, increases community engagement by providing new opportunities and promotes growth.

Reduced Environmental Impact and Healthy Living. Shopping local reduces the need to drive long distances and improves the environment by reducing pollution from carbon emissions. A natural consequence of a cleaner environment is better health.

Thriving Community. By honouring our Indigenous community in an increasingly homogenized world, we preserve their one-of-a-kind merchandise which has distinctive character and creates an economic advantage for High Level.

– High Level Chamber of Commerce