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Trade Coin

High Level & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the

2008 Trade Coin - Century 21


Century 21 has been a part of High Level and area since 2001,

specializing in residential, agricultural and commercial real estate

and servicing the surrounding communities. Volunteer work and

dedication to the community have contributed to their success.

Originating as a fundraising project for the High Level & District Chamber of Commerce our Trade Coin rapidly became a very successful and popular entity unto itself. It was the first coin minted at the Canadian Mint in the new millennium.

For this coin to be recognized as legal tender it had to first be acknowledged by a government agency. Since being recognized by the MD of MacKenzie # 23, it can now be used as legal tender at all banks and businesses where the Trade Coin sign is displayed. They have a value of $10.00 and may be used for a period of one year at which time new coins will be minted and sold.

The coin pictured depicts the Chamber of Commerce logo on one side and a local business on the other. To have your business on the coin you first need to belong to the Chamber and you then are given the opportunity to bid for this very distinct privilege. The successful bidder has his company name and logo minted on the Trade Coin. The option to bid is done on an annual basis.

Trade Coins are fast becoming collector’s items and we are exploring the possibility of developing a Limited Edition 10 Coin Set for distribution in the near future.

Our Trade Coins are minted in a limited quantity and because of their success both locally and across the country with coin collectors, they are becoming very difficult to find.

To purchase a trade coin please contact the Chamber of Commerce office at 780-926-2470, or e-mail us at

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